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I started my favorite pon confectionery manufacturing and retail business on April 27, 2018 in Shimamoto-cho.(Yumeeki)Hiromi Tanito, Representative(Hiromi Tanifuji)Is.

It is a "special handmade pon confectionery" that makes use of the materials, including "water from the imperial palace" and "Osaka (mon)".

The start-up was triggered by a poster for the recruitment of business operators who will use the "Imperial Water" branding logo, the only 100 famous waters in Osaka Prefecture in Mizunose Shrine in Shimamoto-cho.
With the "water of the imperial palace" differentiator, I made up my mind to make and sell my favorite pon confectionery from an early age! Have.

It is a "body-friendly pon confectionery" that is particular about raw materials.
Please enjoy it by all means.


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